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The New World

Reduce cost, time and risk post Covid-19 with technology that works

Covid-19 has turned the business world upside down. And research and client insight tells us that the new world has brought with it opportunity. The acceleration of working from home practices has increased productivity and enabled more training and thinking time.

It has also significantly cut business overheads such as expenses and office running costs, improved the work-life balance and created environmental benefits. It is easy to see why organisations across all sectors are considering this to be a more permanent approach to working.


Having adapted to new ways of working and adopting new technology solutions almost overnight, we believe that now is the time to advance to ensure IT services are business aligned.

We spoke to our clients to gain insight about into their challenges and three key themes emerged; IT budgets are under pressure and as a result costs need to be reduced, time and resources have been impacted by the introduction of home working and working from home has increased risk both in terms of IT security and data loss, and user productivity.



So how do you sustain this new way of working, seamlessly and securely, from an IT perspective?

  • How can IT continue to support the new world?
  • How can you service the needs of your end-users remotely, as they move to a hybrid way of working between the home and the office?
  • How can you plan for growth or shrinkage in uncertain times?
  • How can you align your services to different user requirements?
  • How do you get the most value from reduced budgets?


From start to finish, we are here to support our customers in becoming a more flexible, agile businesses.

Whether this is the devices you use, how you manage your documents, connectivity and the secure back end infrastructure that is required to make it all work seamlessly – whatever the size of your business or the profile of you users – there are solutions that can be tailored to meet your individual needs.



1. We engage with business stakeholders to understand and assess how users work and what they need from an IT infrastructure.

2. We enable users to gain robust, secure access to corporate network resources.

3. We deliver infrastructure solutions underpinned by a hybrid approach to blend best of breed technology in the data centre with best in class cloud and software services.

4. We offer instant availability of resource with consumption-based costs and reduce risk through proactive monitoring.

5. We provide digital content services to make information flow across all workstyles.

6. We deliver end to end support services for end-user devices – from delivery and installation, deployment to location, remote management with additional security and break-fix support options, to end of life decommissioning and recycling services.

7. We bundle this up into flexible financial solutions to enable you to take advantage of advances in technology.


There are lots of benefits to the new normal and a lot of thinking to be done around how our clients can achieve the same flexible, resilient, IT performance you would typically find in the office to ensure their end-users and customers receive the same great experience working remotely. To begin your transformational journey into the new world, speak to DTP’s experts today.


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