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Self-Protecting Storage and Hyperconverged Backup: What you need to know


Gartner recently published a report asking: “can self-protecting storage replace traditional backup?” – A challenging question that will intrigue any storage admin or IT leader that is unsatisfied with their existing backup solution. But can you believe the hype when the risk of ineffective backup is so great?

The downfall of traditional backup

Whilst self-protecting storage and hyperconverged backup is set to grow, the limited time it has been on the market means its functionality is not proven in the same way as traditional backup, and therefore isn’t necessarily going to completely replace traditional methods. The lower risk of hardware failure is just one reason why traditional backup continues to be seen as the safest way for most organisations to secure data.

However, with the price of backup software showing few signs of dropping, enterprises that want to cut costs and stretch IT resources further are looking for new ways to back up more data for less.

Benefits of self-protecting storage

Self-protecting storage can include hyperconverged systems, which means storage, compute, networking and backup can all be combined in a single box. This reduces running costs, as well as having no backup software licences to pay.

Simplified management and scalability are other attractive reasons to consider this backup method.

HPE Synergy

A new breed of composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy is one solution that offers the benefits of a converged solution, without reducing backup capability. It can help:

• Reduce backup licensing costs
• Retain backup functionality and flexibility
• Simplify backup and recovery processes
• Improve backup performance

Download our full executive brief to explore the complete range of risks and benefits associated with traditional backup vs self-protecting storage. Get in touch with DTP today for an evaluation of your existing backup processes and to learn more about HPE Synergy.

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