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Migrate your data storage from tape to cloud


Tape backups, every financial director’s best friend, and every Systems Admin’s ball and chain. For decades the go-to long term storage solution has been a stack of tapes in a “secure” location gathering dust, with those responsible hoping they never actually have to put them to use.

The problem with tape is that historically they were known to be reliable, safe, and cheap but modern media is starting to surpass tape in all areas with cloud storage leading the way. When it comes to reliability of tapes many would be surprised to learn that tape media can be degraded to the point of unusable within just 10 years of storage in standard office conditions and even shorter if even a little humidity is in the mix!

Another pitfall of using a tape backup is that most plans only have a single copy of the data, if it decays or is damaged in some way (tape decks are a flurry of mechanical parts!) then your data is gone and creating multiple copies of each tape has a definite impact on the cheap feature of tape backups. So what is the new and improved way of storing your data long term, securely, and at a financial-director friendly price?

Public cloud is the hero of today’s chapter in data storage.

Infinitely scale-able for as many backups as you need, replicated throughout datacenters on multiple data storage devices for absolute guarantee of reliability, and at an all-round cost to every department smile.

These aren’t the only benefits of moving to a cloud storage solution though, you also get your IT teams productivity hours back where they don’t need to be swapping and maintaining tapes every day or week, your cloud provider will do that for you. They’ll also keep the data in a secure, climate controlled location removing the worry of your data integrity for as long as you need the data.

Lastly, a key point to ask yourself is just how long will it take you to recover from disaster when retrieving tape backups?
How much is that downtime costing you when a cloud-based storage solution could have you back up and running in a matter of minutes with the right architecture and planning around it. The instant-access nature of a modern solution is sometimes the greatest motivator when a day of lost business could cost your business thousands, and a week of lost time could mean the end of your business.

So there are a multitude of aspects to consider when looking at your long term data retention, and when balancing out all of them you may find a cloud storage solution is the smartest for your business.

Read our overview of DTP’s Hybrid Cloud Services. For further information or a more in-depth discussion around your Hybrid Cloud journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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