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WHITEPAPER: Student Attainment and Progression


Using Big Data And Predictive Analytics

Right now, there is a lot of focus on predictive analytics within in the sector. The concept also featured highly during UCISA’s Annual Conference at Manchester Central in March and so is it fair to assume that such a tool can be used to drive student engagement, enable students to achieve more, and help Universities retain and progress their students?

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In this latest whitepaper by DTP Solutionpath in conjunction with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we look at:

  • The Higher Education (HE) sector;
    how, in part due to tuition fees, students demand more than ever from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and why HEIs need to be on the front foot to stay ahead of their competition (and how technology might enable them to gain this competitive advantage).

  • What does student experience mean?;
    And does it solely relate to academic achievement? How can a HEIs existing data be harnessed to help deliver a better student experience?
  • What a predictive analytics tool for HE could look like;
    What impact might it have on the student experience and how could it help improve student retention rates and the associated financial impact with making improvements against a current retention rate?
  • Solutionpath’s Student Retention Engagement Attainment and Monitoring (StREAM) service
    What it is and how it a HEI might use it and the accolades it has since received from within IT and Education.

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