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WHITEPAPER: From MPS to Digital Workflow


With around 50% of large enterprises now using some form of Managed Print Service (MPS), and a further 20% planning to implement one within the next 12 months*, many organisations are realising the benefits of an MPS, including cost savings of around 20-30% on document printing. However, as organisations look to achieve even more savings and efficiencies, they need to look beyond their basic MPS solution and focus on the document workflow processes that actually drive print output.

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Digital Workflow: the natural progression from MPS

Digital Workflow streamlines the handling process and manages the entire lifecycle of printed documents, offering multiple opportunities to improve operational efficiency, worker productivity and customer service, as well as reducing costs associated with energy, paper and toner. By reducing dependence on physical documentation, this can also have positive effects on efficiency, staff productivity, customer-service and error reduction.

Other benefits include a reduced risk of documents being misfiled, the creation of an audit trail and a significant reduction in processing times when it comes to paperwork and forms. For example, in Higher Education, optical recognition software can transform and streamline the way exams are performed, marked and results fed back.

Taking the first step

The first step is evaluating your business processes, document usage and fleet requirements, as well as reviewing the document processes that have the potential to deliver the easiest wins, or generate the quickest or greatest ROI. Many of the leading MPS providers are now experts in Digital Workflow management and are therefore well placed to help you make the transition to Digital Workflow. It is also important that you stipulate that your devices are workflow enabled when your MPS contract comes up for renewal.

In this executive summary “From MPS to Digital Workflow” we discuss the benefits of moving to digital workflow, as well as the steps that organisations need to take to progress.

*Quocirca, 2015

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