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How Microsoft Windows 11 will enhance your business performance


Microsoft Windows 11 is out of the bag and everyone’s talking about it. And with good reason; the re-design adapts itself around your workstyle for maximised personalisation and productivity. The new upgrade will be appealing to any organisation that operates digitally with security, reliability, compatibility, video conferencing and learning all being at the forefront.

Following the changes catalysed by the pandemic, Windows 11 includes a plethora of new and handy features aimed to make working from wherever and however you choose simpler and easier. Guaranteeing for more efficient, focused work to ultimately improve business performance.

Redesigned for productivity, creativity, and ease

How can we talk about Windows 11 without touching on the redesign? Check out the video here to see for yourself. Not only does it appear aesthetically more clean, crisp, and modern but the simplistic makeover has been devised to heighten productivity and creativity.

Often find yourself drowning in tabs? Saving you time and avoiding frustration, Windows 11 gives users full control over their digital layout for an improved personalised experience. Certainly, take multitasking to the next level with the introduction of snap layouts, snap groups and desktops keeping your digital space organised and simple. These new tools make multitasking manageable and more straightforward to enhance your workflow by adapting to how you operate at your best.

You will also be able to personalise your own widgets, which provide live updates so you can stay connected to the world outside your work bubble. Windows 11 facilitates an environment for your employees to excel within, ultimately benefiting your business performance.

Better Connectivity

Windows 11 will see an advancement of our beloved Microsoft Teams. If your organisation is not currently using the group collaboration tool, this might make you want to reconsider.

Chat will become integrated into the taskbar for faster and more agile networking, whilst opening doors for new communication possibilities by allowing text, chat, voice or video connectivity, regardless of the device or platform the recipient uses. Ultimately, the upgrades will offer smoother communication and networking to strengthen your digital business performance.

Excited to try Microsoft Windows 11? The sad news is that it won’t be officially released until 2022, but the good news is that current Windows 10 devices, in addition to any new Windows devices, will be eligible for the upgrade. Visit to download the PC Health Check App to check whether your device will be eligible too or contact us to find out more.


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