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What is Cloud Computing?


Many businesses in the UK are switching on to the benefits of cloud computing, but what exactly is it?

Cloud services essentially allow companies to consume computer resources ‘on tap’, in the same way as any other utility, such as gas or electricity. This means the things your business needs – such as applications and storage, and even networks and servers – are available as part of a pool of resources, which requires little in the way of management time.

Being able to look after your own needs is one of the main advantages of cloud computing, meaning that whatever the workload, you have access to the right tools on demand. So you won’t fall into the trap of investing in more than you need – you simply scale up or down as your current requirements dictate.

what is cloud computing
The different types of cloud

The public cloud model detailed above is one of the most popular, and is delivered to companies via the web by a third party. This service is sold on demand and customers only pay for what they use.

There are also private cloud services, which involve delivery from the data centre of a business to its internal users. This retains management and security control, while offering convenience and versatility for employees.

An increasingly popular option are hybrid cloud services, which use a combination of public and private cloud computing from external and on-premises sources. Depending on the nature of the project, companies can switch from public to private cloud computing, giving them the advantage of extra control over what is sometimes called ‘mission critical’ data.

We believe it is the hybrid model that maximises business value the best, and as an HP Platinum Partner, have assisted many businesses in revolutionising their IT infrastructure by harnessing the benefits of cloud computing.

IDC research forecasts that more than 65% of enterprise IT organisations will commit to hybrid cloud before 2016, and we expect this to grow over the coming years. Hybrid Cloud is about giving you all the cost efficiency benefits of the public cloud model, with the peace of mind that being able to take control of your data flow affords.


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