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Unlock efficiencies and unleash innovation with IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly enables us to capture new data and insights, and make decisions in the moment, in context, with accuracy. Our new hyper-connected world of connected things and data sharing is allowing digital transformation to happen everywhere; a manufacturing floor, a building, a campus, a city, a sports arena and many more.

The Intelligent Edge is advancing the way we live and work – reinventing experiences and driving smarter operations in every industry.

“Multi Petabytes, Exabytes of data are being created in the IoT world. That data needs to be used and that’s all about developing new business outcomes and automations; which is where Artificial Intelligence comes in” – Alan Smalley, IoT and Data Lead at HPE

Turning data into insights

IoT has enabled organisations to collect and analyse data from connected assets, people and places to deliver actionable insights in industrial environments. Utilising this data as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has empowered organisations to act on their insights to improve customer response, remediate underperforming processes and develop new business opportunities.

Alan Smalley, IoT and Data Lead at HPE; Roy Clarke, Technical Fellow at PTC; Paul Haimes, Vice President of Pre-Sales at HPE and Ian Henderson, Chief Technologist at HPE, discuss how businesses should approach IoT and AI innovation to create a business use case that is aligned to their business outcomes and processes, and adds real value.

“A company needs to prioritise what they are going to do with IoT, they need to align and understand how it’s going to add value to their business case” – Paul Haimes, Vice President of Pre-Sales at HPE

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Organisations are already leveraging the power of Industrial IoT.

  • HIROTEC’s new infrastructure eliminates data processing latency and provides analysis in real time to help it efficiently manage its factory machinery.
  • Texmark has built a refinery of the future to improve process analytics, customer satisfaction and worker safety.
  • Kaeser has cut downtime by 60% by preventing outages before they occur.


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