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ANIMATION: Cost savings and intelligent toner usage - an industry game changer for print


DTP’s Transparent Managed Print Service (TMPS) charges businesses based on real toner usage, and not on a fixed cost per copy – delivering cost savings in the region of 15 to 25 per cent.

Printer technology has come a long way over the past 30 years, and modern day equipment is now multi-functional and network-connected, providing organisations with greater visibility of toner usage. Traditionally, Managed Print Services operated using a fixed cost per page billing method and the customer was invoiced the same fixed amount no matter how much, or how little was printed on the page.

In contrast, our revolutionary solution carefully measures the amount of toner used and charges accordingly and so DTP are able to treat customers more fairly than other suppliers.

For a detailed look at how our innovative TMPS can help you to reduce your print overheads, watch our short animation below.

Our Transparent Managed Print Service is better than a flat cost per page contract. But how?

Instead of working in favour of the supplier, TMPS offers a fair deal to the customer. With a TMPS solution from DTP, charges are based on an accurate measurement of toner usage – so if you print less, you pay less – and there are no minimum usage requirements.

An average cost per page pricing model is usually based on 5% average toner coverage however research indicates that, in the majority of cases, the actual average is significantly lower than this. TMPS is a mechanism which ensures customers pay for the exact amount of toner they use on each page, rather than an over inflated estimate.

Our Transparent Managed Print Services pricing model also means you won’t be left with a contract that is inflated to cover hardware and support costs – just a fair rate based on your toner usage.

This innovative approach to managed print services can be implemented on any printer fleet – single-function printers, multi-function devices (MFDs) and wide-print devices – it’s a cost effective IT Solution, however complex your print environment may be.

Many organisations have achieved huge savings by switching by switching to our new model so why not challenge us and ask us to complete an audit of your current managed print service?

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