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What could the future market look like with an increase in phablet use?


The phablet is seen by many as the future of smartphones, combining the portability of a handset with the extra dimensions that make them halfway to being a tablet in terms of size and a real cost effective IT Solution.

The evidence suggests that this is a market which will not quieten down any time soon. A report by Yahoo on the ‘phablet revolution’, which tracked the devices of over one billion users, found that in the first quarter of last year alone, phablet use tripled.

According to the Yahoo researchers: “The pace of mobile growth and shifting of consumer preferences continues to be the fastest we’ve witnessed in our lifetimes. 20% of all active devices are now phablets, up from only 3% two years ago and we see no sign of this trend stopping.”

end user computing and cost effective IT Solutions
HP Elite x3

Currently, Android devices look set to dominate the market and improve end user computing, with only one Apple device available to buy. Riding the crest of the Android phablet wave is the HP Elite x3, which is a Windows-based phablet firmly positioned in the business market. Hailed for its ability to effortlessly switch from a device which acts as a phablet, laptop or desktop, the x3 was built with future business practices in mind – we are heading into an age in which mobility and flexibility are key. Companies that place a large emphasis on security will be reassured by the business grade applications the x3 possesses to safe guard data.

end user computing and cost effective IT Solutions
The march to mobility

One of the barriers for phablet usage is that many businesses haven’t yet optimised their main business applications for mobile use, but HP Workspace resolves this issue to some extent. It’s a virtualisation service which has the ability to boost productivity by ensuring that desktop applications are available to employees when they are working on the move. That means that no matter if you are in a hotel room, train carriage or airport lounge, your team can access the right tools for the job.

The functionality offered by phablets means that they could become an essential part of the armoury for any businesses that are not completely office based.

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