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Free tool: Learning Analytics Stakeholder Priority Assessment


Student Analytics also known as Learning Analytics is likely to be on your or your institutions radar right now as you strive to improve the student experience, improve attainment and progression to remain competitive and secure the income from your students to your institution through improving student retention.

But as you begin to think about how learning analytics might be able to help, how should you prepare for such a solution?

Preparing for a Learning Analytics solution

Advice from experts at Solutionpath, the Company behind StREAM, an award-winning predictive analytics provider and the brand behind NTU’s award-winning student dashboard, suggests before you do anything you need to understand your starting point and be explicit about what you want to achieve.

Understand your current position

Once implemented learning analytics can help improve a number of areas including student engagement, student attainment, student progression, student retention and curriculum design. Understanding where you are now and which of these areas is crucial to your institution is very important.

The team at Solutionpath have created a new tool, the Stakeholder Priority Assessment to enable the Lead for a Learning Analytics project to determine the Institutions priorities based on the wide range of stakeholders whom should contribute to the project. The implementation of a learning analytics solution is much more likely to be successful if an Institution picks one area to address.

Richard Gascoigne, CTO and Co-founder of Solutionpath comments,

“We see a lot of institutions getting caught up with trying to meet all the ambitions of all of the Institution’s stakeholders and it simply isn’t possible to achieve this given the number of different areas a learning analytics solution touches. It’s really important an Institution is explicit about what they want to achieve and that’s why we’ve created a new tool which can help Institutions understand what their priorities really are”.

Identify your one most important priority

The Stakeholder Priority Assessment tool from Solutionpath will help you identify the key stakeholders from across your institution and define where the drivers for learning analytics really are and help you answer three critical questions to determine your Institution’s readiness to implement a learning analytics solution:

  • What is the key fundamental driver for adopting analytics within the institution?
  • What are the drivers for adoption, is there a timeline?
  • What are the key learning objectives from a learning analytics deployment?

Download the free Assessment tool

The tool is free to download, click here to download it.

Whether you want to download the tool and use it yourself, if you’d like to talk through the components or if you simply want us to do the whole assessment for you we’d be delighted to help – get in touch!

We understand every analytics project is different depending on the systems and processes you already have and as we’re already implementing learning analytics into many Universities across the UK we may just be able to help you answer some of the questions you have – let’s get a conversation started!

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