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Optimise your IT assets and resources with HP Device as a Service


The right IT hardware and support in a smart, simplified solution.

IT challenges

Time-consuming IT requests and hardware issues are draining IT resources, and managing devices in a unified way is becoming a huge challenge, especially with a boom in multi-device users – expected to grow to an average of 4 devices per user by 2020.

In a recent study by IDC, 63% of IT Managers say their resources are drained by device management and they’d like to be able to focus on more strategic IT projects.

HP DaaS TechPulse

HP Device as a Service and TechPulse

With HP DaaS, IT professionals can spend less time managing hardware, and more time supporting users and focusing on long-term business goals. DTP’s solution, in partnership with HP DaaS, combines hardware, analytics, support, proactive management and lifecycle services, including HP TechPulse – a unique analytics technology that monitors and predicts device health.

“TechPulse can deliver this proactive management piece which has a huge service on-cost saving because ultimately you are proactively managing that estate of product so you avoid things that can go wrong and solve them in advance of that happening,”
- Neil Sawyer, HP Channel Director.

HP TechPulse contains analytics and actionable reports in a ‘single pane of glass’ dashboard, allowing IT departments to stay ahead of any issues and proactively manage multi-OS device environments, as well as optimise hardware refresh cycles.

Device as a Service TechPulse

TechPulse’s Device Replacement Guidance report provides recommendations for device upgrades, helping IT prioritise spending and identify which devices should be replaced first based on the following:
• Battery Predictive Failure
• Disk Predictive Failure
• Disk Capacity
• Thermal Maintenance
• Graphics Driver issues
• CPU Utilization
• Memory Utilization
• Blue Screen Error Counts

If you would like to learn more about HP DaaS and TechPulse, take a look at our white paper “From SaaS to DaaS” or get in touch to speak to DTP’s DaaS experts.


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