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DTP Smart Buildings Comic Series


Everyone is talking about the Modern Workplace, and delivering an enhanced, more efficient staff and guest experience.

Leveraging the power of low cost, easy to use smartphone apps you can easily introduce elements of a Smart Building that facilitates; guest management, wayfinding, smart meeting room booking system, workspace management and student, staff and guest safeguarding.

See what DTP, Aruba and Teem technology can do through our four-part comic series exploring the Smart Buildings story.
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How do you manage your guests?

Whether it’s that important client or supplier meeting or even those interviews to attract new talent to your organisation, are you giving these guests and visitors a great experience at your offices?

Here’s Chapter 1 of Tom’s Smart Meeting Rooms and Intelligent Spaces story
‘The Great First Impression’

Talk to us about how you can impress your clients and visitors with a low cost, smart phone app based Guest Management solution powered by Aruba Networks, enabling your visitors to; sign in digitally, automatically notify their host of their arrival, access your Aruba Wi-Fi quickly and efficiently while in reception, and even provide them with wayfinding on their smartphone to the meeting room.

How Smart are your Meeting Rooms

Have you ever felt that sudden rush of panic when you realise you’ve forgotten to book a meeting room for that important client or supplier meeting, and to make it worse, now they all appear to be fully booked? Fear not…

Here’s Chapter 2 of Tom’s Smart Meeting Rooms and Intelligent Spaces story on how he eliminated Ghosts and Zombies, and ‘Kept Calm and Carried On’.

Talk to us about how you can implement a fully integrated, smart meeting room booking system to allow your staff to:
• Manage and monitor meeting rooms from their smartphones (or laptop)
• Eradicate costly and frustrating Zombie or Ghost meetings
• Enable staff to book meetings on the fly from low cost tablets outside each room
• Create support requests e.g. reporting faults or ordering catering

Are you making the most of your workspace?

Wouldn’t it be great to use a mobile phone based app to pre-book hot desks in advance and have all settings automated to your preferences when you arrive?

Introducing Chapter 3 of Tom’s Smart Meeting Rooms and Intelligent Spaces story – ‘Flex, Connect and Utilise’

Talk to us about how you can plan and manage your buildings, desks and office space; allow your users to book free hot desks in advance or on the fly via a floor plan on a touch screen, and easily locate colleagues with Teem Office Kiosk and Aruba Networks, packaged into one single mobile app.

Emergency? Don’t panic! Provide safety for your staff and guests with a smartphone app

Introducing the final chapter of Tom’s Smart Meeting Rooms and Intelligent Spaces story.

What happens in an emergency? How do you contact, safely route and account for all staff and guests out of the building?
Our solution allows you to do all of the above, getting rid of ineffective paper based roll calls, and allowing first responders to target last known locations for any unaccounted for staff and guests.

How do you provide security and peace of mind for lone or after hours workers?
This can be achieved through the power of a smartphone app, which even has a panic button. You can provide the level of safeguarding that staff and guests expect, and ensure any incident can be managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If you’re interested in creating a smart strategy for your workplace, get in touch with one of our networking specialists.

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