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WHITEPAPER: Cloud in higher education: uncovering new opportunities


The pressure is on to deliver better student experiences and support larger research projects. We look at how cloud technology can help – and what UK institutions can learn from the US.

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Competition heating up

Higher education institutions in the UK must now compete on a global scale to boost enrolment and graduation rates as well as research funding. They have to think and act like commercial enterprises – figuring out new, cost-effective ways to attract and retain students and increase revenue generation. Which is where cloud computing comes in.

cloud computing

Why cloud makes sense today

US higher education institutions are beginning to push back the boundaries of what’s possible with cloud computing. In fact, Harvard University aims to migrate 75% of its workloads to the cloud over the next three years.

The cost, flexibility and scalability benefits of public cloud services are well documented, and almost all UK higher education institutions are taking advantage of these in one way or another.

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There’s a bright future in the cloud for institutions with the strategy, tools and support to make the most of it. To learn more about what’s next for cloud in UK higher education – and how to develop a successful hybrid cloud strategy.

Download our white paper here


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