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Goodbye Windows 7


Microsoft ends Windows 7 support: What now?

14th January 2020 marks the end of Microsoft supporting Windows 7. As a result, Windows 7 users will no longer receive the all-important security updates and patches that keep their machines safe.

Microsoft has warned that Windows 7 users will be at “greater risk for viruses and malware.”
You can, of course, choose to stay with Windows 7 after 14th January, but your PCs will be vulnerable to viruses, security threats and bugs in general. And this is no small threat – cyber attacks are on the increase as hackers find ways to infiltrate systems. The WannaCry ransomware attack in 2017 targeted computers running the Microsoft Windows OS and over the course of four days, claimed over 200,000 victims with more than 300,000 computers affected.

Why HP and DTP?

HP Platinum Partner
We are a HP Platinum Partner and also one of only a handful of HP Partners across the UK to be fully accredited to Hewlett Packard’s Partner 1st Service status. DTP can offer you an unrivalled platinum standard level of operational client device services and support.

World’s most secure and manageable PCs
Secure your devices, identity, and data with the World’s Most Secure and Manageable PCs. As endpoints remain the number one attack vector, every new piece of hardware you introduce to your organisation is either going to strengthen or weaken your organisations’ security position.

Is migrating to Windows 10 a painful inevitability?

The start of the process requires a good understanding of what you’re entering into, to inform on costs, timing, number of licences you will need and any support required. You’ll need a thorough inventory of all your devices and machines – how many computers will need to be migrated and is the existing hardware in sufficiently good order?

Windows 10 uses a more powerful operating system than its precursors, so older machines may need to be updated. Now is also a good time to take a look at what apps your organisation are using. Do you need every app or have some ‘Shadow IT’ apps crept in that could be rationalised?

And then there’s the important issue of whether your business-critical systems will be compatible with Windows 10 – luckily, Microsoft has developed a software solutions page that should make this point an easy one to cross off your list.

Finally, don’t forget that every iteration of Windows carries some degree of difference, so some staff training might be needed.

Windows 10 End of Life

Last devices standing?

It’s likely that you’ve already migrated a large proportion of your device fleet to Windows 10, but have you still pockets within the organisation which run legacy versions? Migrating an operating system across a large organisation can be a tricky and costly job, especially if you don’t have the skills or resources internally to move your entire estate in one go.

Beat the clock with tools to do more and stay secure

Working with you every step of the way, DTP can deploy Windows 10 across the most complex IT estates, giving you peace of mind through the guaranteed delivery of service excellence. Learn more about our migration service and accreditations.

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Protect your organisation, begin your preparations for migrating to Windows 10. Speak to us today to learn more about our service accreditations and competitive pricing models.


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