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Solutionpath showcases at the Edtech UK Global Summit


Held in the Chamber at the spectacular City Hall in central London, the team at Solutionpath are extremely excited to be showcasing at the Edtech UK Global Summit on Friday 4th November 2016. As an Edtech UK member, we have the privilege of showcasing in the Edtech Futures Zone, as an innovative edtech startup company.

We would love you to come and say hello and gain an insight into future trends and learning technology.

Why attend?

The Summit is a great opportunity for you to connect with educators, businesses and policy makers from the UK and globally, to help accelerate the growth of the education and learning technology sector. At the Summit we will be demonstrating our learning analytics award-winning predictive analytics solution StREAM.

Since its launch, our innovative tool set StREAM has revolutionised learner analytics with its capabilities in the areas of risk and retention, progression and attainment, attendance monitoring and CPD, as well as UK VI compliance and management.

Working with many academic institutions in implementing StREAM and witnessing the results it produces has given us plenty of fresh ideas and perspectives, and we look forward to sharing these with fellow delegates in London.

The Summit has also attracted an outstanding group of the UK and World’s leading speakers who’ll bring global perspectives and insight on the future of education and learning technology, including Liam Maxwell, CTO, HM Government, Deputy Mayor of London Rajesh Agrawal and Bridie Tooher, Head of Edtech at the Department for Education.

student learning analytics showcasing at the Edtech Global Summit

Key themes of the event

• The future of Edtech policy and practice
• Celebrating the Best of British Edtech
• Where next for digital schools, colleges and universities
• Future trends in learning technology and corporate learning
• What works & growing talent, skills and investment
• Exporting excellence and global Edtech developments

If you are a corporate systems manager, project manager, BI developer, or a member of an institution’s student support staff that is interested in hearing more about learning and predictive analytics, please do come and say hello!

To attend the event and speak to Solutionpath, book your place here.

For the latest news building up to and during the event, follow us on Twitter @DTPGroupIT and on LinkedIn at DTP Group, using the official hashtag #edtechuk


Let’s get together and find out.