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Rent-a-center leverage HPE Nimble Storage with Infosight Predictive Analytics to exceed SLA's


Rent-A-Center operate in over 4000 locations in America, Canada and Mexico. Each of their stores relies on data to make decisions, run efficiently and create targeted sales opportunities. However, with thousands of terabytes of data to handle and store, they needed a solution that kept their data both secure and readily available.

Rent-A-Center chose Nimble Storage as it offered the most effective way to protect their data with high-level security, whilst remaining readily available right when they need it.

The Power of Predictive

HPE InfoSight watches over your infrastructure 24/7 so that you don’t have to. The automation platform removes the pain of dealing with Level-1 and Level-2 support issues, enabling Nimble to radically simplify Rent-A-Center’s operations, taking infrastructure out of the equation and leaving them free to service their customers more efficiently.

With Nimble, 86% of issues are automatically predicted and resolved.

HPE InfoSight can transform your support experience. When hit with issues, Nimble’s technology diagnoses and identifies the cause, raises tickets and provides a resolution before the customer has realised the problem; using AI to stay ahead and prevent operational disruption.

To learn more about what Nimble Storage could do for your business, get in touch with one of our infrastructure experts and discover the power of predictive analytics.


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