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Move away from traditional CPP billing models with DTP’s new Transparent MPS


As technology has moved forward, standard cost per page contracts are becoming outdated. Consider switching to DTP’s new TMPS and see how much you could save.

The cost per page charging model originated at a time when peripheral devices such as photocopiers and single-function printers were not connected to an enterprise network and were unable to report usage volumes via device management software. As such, the responsibility for providing monthly or quarterly page count readings from each copier or device within the fleet fell upon the customer.

In the years since the cost per page charging model was first introduced, the sophistication of print devices and the service needs of customers have changed significantly. However, the cost per page charging model and the terms of Managed Print Service contracts have hardly changed at all. As a result, the value of the cost per page charging model is now open to question.

Almost every page printed is different. Some pages have a high volume of toner coverage, such as a photograph for instance, whilst others will be virtually blank, with many variants in between. However, within the cost per page charging model, all pages printed are charged for at a flat rate. It may be tempting to believe that this is a case of ‘swings and roundabouts’, where what you lose on one you gain on the other. But it’s not that simple. Most cost per page pricing models are based on 5% average toner coverage, however studies confirm that the typical office document uses considerably less than this.

DTP’s Transparent Managed Print Service (TMPS) is intelligent and fair, meaning you pay only for the toner you use, giving you full control of usage, efficiencies and costs.

As a provider of best-in-class, cost effective IT solutions, DTP is driven by technology.

Using innovation to analyse actual toner usage and user output profiles, we’ve deconstructed the cost per page model and created the Transparent Managed Print Service.

This game changing service delivers cost savings directly to the customer, allowing organisations to take full control of their toner consumption and expenditure. There are no hidden costs, no minimum volumes and the customer only pays for the toner they actually use.

By switching to our Transparent Managed Print Service, customers can save an additional 15-25% per year compared to click based contracts.

With the TMPS, you can also ensure the security of your print devices. Network print devices are a clear and present security risk, with 90% of businesses having experienced one or more print-related data breaches. By switching to a TMPS, DTP will design and deploy a print security solution that protects your organisation against attack.

Check the terms of your MPS contract now then talk to one of our experts about a more transparent pricing model for your printer fleet.

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Read our white paper ‘Is the cost per page charging model still fit for purpose in 2016?’ which examines the relevance, fairness and value of the cost per page service model.

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