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Podcast Overview: How do we rethink sustainability in the wake of a pandemic


Following a tremulous 18 months fight against COVID-19, admittedly many businesses sustainability initiatives took a bit of a back seat. As a company that started its sustainability journey in 1987, HP continuously raises the bar in the tech sector when it comes to creating positive, lasting change for the environment – recently recognised as one of the worlds most sustainable companies of 2020. In our latest podcast episode, DTP’s Gary Smith sat down with Mark Davitt, UK&I Managed Print Service, Solutions and Supplies Manager at HP Inc, to dissect what distinguishes HP’s approach to sustainability whilst unpicking their motivation and ambitious goals for the future.

Carbon Neutral MPS


Davitt highlights HP’s focus on setting impactful long term goals, particularly noticeable through their ownership of the planet’s most comprehensive carbon neutral Managed Print Service. Their managed print services support the environment by aiming to be forest positive, carbon neutral, while supporting the circular economy. Equally, their managed print services also help businesses reduce and offset their carbon impact of printing, for instance through reducing paper waste by 25% and improving resource efficiency by 13%.

However, our discussion highlights that sustainability goes beyond just planting trees, HP approach encompasses the whole ecosystem – the planet, people, and communities. HP’s climate action goals set out a commitment towards net carbon operations while also offering a portfolio containing some of the industry’s most sustainable products and solutions to address their aspirations to create positive change for the planet. Meanwhile, their human rights goals and desire to help build a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion support their mission to help people. HP recognises the need to break down the digital divide to help communities thrive. Equally, HP actively invests in socially conscious projects that support communities and their environments, such as their work at the Rimba Ray biodiversity reserve in Indonesia.

“Sustainability has been in HP’s DNA for many years and we build on a strong history of sustainability”


Davitt acknowledges that when it comes to HP’s sustainability journey, there will always be room for improvement and change. Nevertheless, the year 2025 is a key date in HP’s diary, where they ambitiously hope to achieve the following…

• Have a carbon neutral managed print service.
• Forest Positive Printing: including zero deforestation and sourcing HP brand paper and packaging from certified and recycled sources.
• Forest First with HP+ investing in the protection, restoration or responsible management of forests

Forest First with HP+


Our discussion showcases HP’s powerful determination to strive towards more sustainable technology and business practices. Consequently, we ask what is HP’s why – what keeps them determined to create such important change?

Davitt explains their motivations go beyond corporate. Instead, helping create a greener future is expected not just within society but by customers. Additionally, Davitt clarifies that HP aspires to stand for a new era of opportunity and play their role in facilitating a better future for everyone.

“We intend to become the world’s most sustainable and just technology company”


So what can we take away from this discussion as an IT Partner? Admittedly, COVID-19 had a strain on our own sustainability journey – DTP Zero as business continuity took priority. However, in the wake of the pandemic we ask ourselves, how can we reach our goal of being carbon neutral by the end of 2022? We continue to redesign our processes and takes steps closer to realise this goal and move in the right direction towards our target, whilst addressing that there is still room for improvement which will require both commitment and investment.

Listen to the full conversation for yourself here!

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