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Innovation wins DTP two Top Supplier Awards


In business nothing feels more gratifying than hearing from your customers, telling you that you’re the best. So of course we are delighted that when Nottingham Trent University (NTU) held their annual Supplier Awards event on Wednesday 27th April 2016, they awarded DTP Group two of seven accolades; one for Innovation, and one for Best use of Technology.

Held at the Nottingham Conference Centre, part of Nottingham Trent University’s City campus, the NTU Supplier Recognition Lunch and Awards are now in their third year and recognise and reward the efforts and achievements of the University’s valued suppliers.

As the previous Overall Winner at the 2015 award ceremony, the teams at DTP and Solutionpath were proud to co-sponsor the awards and are once again thrilled to have been recognised in the awards, a key indication of our continued delivery of customer excellence and satisfaction.

The Award for Innovation was received by DTP’s Managed Print Services team for their inventive move away from the industry-standard costing model to a new approach which delivered significant new savings to the University.

The Best Use of Technology award was received by DTP’s data analytics subsidiary, Solutionpath, provider of award-winning learning analytics service StREAM, for its continued support in improving the student experience for students at NTU.

Key to achieving these awards is the support received from our partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Financial Services with which we were able to provide the service.

DTP Managed Print Services take home Award for Innovation

DTP Group provides the University with its managed print service (MPS). The award recognised the development of a new and innovative costing model which has resulted in a significant reduction in print-related costs and a positive impact on the environment due to diminished toner wastage.

For over 20 years, support for the University’s printing estate was based on a standard industry cost-per-page (CPC) pricing structure Analysis from the DTP Management Information (MI) system around this structure indicated that usage of colour printing at the University was growing year on year.

DTP explored possible pricing models solutions to combat this growth in the consumption of printed pages and sought to address the random nature of printed content whilst retaining the logistical benefits of the current solution.

The result was a unique costing model which forms part of ‘Transparent Managed Print Service (TMPS)’. This has allowed the University to re-gain control of its expenditure while also benefitting from a more heightened focus on usage, which means that the University benefits from fewer reported misplaced toners and fewer incidences of premature replacement.

Solutionpath wins Best Use of Technology Award

Solutionpath delivers the University’s student and tutor dashboard, which monitors student engagement and helps retain students. The University is so pleased with the results they’re achieving as a result of the StREAM service that they have renewed their contract for another five years.

Melanie Currie, Dean of Students at NTU commented, “Solutionpath are a great example of working collaboratively with a partner to co-create a solution that enriches the student experience and helps us better understand student engagement. Solutionpath have responded to iterative feedback on how best to present the student’s record which is also a hallmark of good design and collaboration”.


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