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DTP awarded a place on the latest NEPA with HP


DTP is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a place on the latest National Educational Printer Agreement (NEPA) with HP Inc. DTP offers its higher education real expertise when it comes to print and managed print; we’ve been an approved NEPA reseller for as long as the agreement has been in existence and during our previous term, we were the frameworks largest provider of HP printers into the Higher Education (HE) sector, so we know print in HE really well!

One Stop Shop for Print in HE

The new NEPA has various lots suitable for your varying print and digital workflow requirements. DTP is approved to supply HP printers and print solutions to all higher education organisations under Lot 2 (Managed Print) and Lot 4 (One Stop Shop).

NEPA delivers best value on print

NEPA was set up over 14 years ago by NEUPC, the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium, following recognition that institutions have similar print requirements and that they can aggregate the demand to get the best possible value from an approved supplier base.

For most universities and colleges, managing the level of paper wastage, technical issues and reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of print is very important and by procuring through NEPA, customers can achieve this.

Some key benefits include:

  • Negotiated contract pricing to deliver best value print products
  • Free technical support
  • Delivery, DOA and warranty repair covered by strict Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Exclusive NEPA promotional offers
  • Enhanced warranty service

“Institutions can benefit from a bespoke contract addressing their specific set of requirements”

Mark Hayter, Senior Procurement Manager at NEUPC.

Leeds Beckett University - Managed Print Solution
NEPA AND DTP in action – Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett had up to 2,000 students enjoying free access to their wide-format printers within the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology.

The large format printers sat outside the universities Pull Print environment which often resulted in students sending duplicate print jobs to multiple devices which resulted in enormous paper and ink wastage.

A rapid increase in usage and a significant rise in annual operating costs however magnified the problem and controlling costs became a challenge. The Faculty turned to DTP Group, to create a solution that would enable them to reduce print wastage and annual wide-format print costs…

Learn more here

Managed Print Service University of Bradford
NEPA AND DTP in Action – University of Bradford

Prior to the new Managed Print Service (MPS), University of Bradford’s School of Health Studies had around 200 printers with a mix of brands and models. The IT team were inundated with printer queries, along with requests for new toner cartridges, on a daily basis.

Harvinder Singh Panesar, Technical Services Offer at University of Bradford, explains how the new Managed Print Solutions with DTP has resulted in the consolidation of 200 printers into just 11 MFPs, along with the incorporation of a pull print solution. This has led to a significant reduction in costs, wastage and carbon footprint.

Watch the full video here

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