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HPE Synergy, the world's first Composable Infrastructure platform


Designed to treat hardware like software, composable infrastructure is the next big thing for the enterprise data centre. The demand for third platform technologies such as mobile, social, cloud and big data solutions has generated a greater dependency on resiliency, reliability and the speed at which modern organisations can innovate and react to customer requirements.

Research firm IDC now predicts that almost all new strategic IT investments through to 2020 will be built upon the third platform. “Between 2013 to 2020, investment in third platform technologies will grow over 20 times faster than the investments made in client/server technologies. Third platform technologies will account for 95% of the cumulative growth in investment.”

HPE recognises that whilst seemingly complex, the shift from traditional client/server technology creates disruptive waves of new demands and huge opportunities for organisations to transform their operations, enhance interactions with customers and make workers more productive.

However, many business processes are still heavily reliant upon second platform client/server technologies and so the complex infrastructures of today make it difficult for IT to deliver on third platform priorities and integrate new, with old. These days, businesses need to be able to run simultaneous applications anytime, anywhere with the same speed and flexibility as new technology solutions.

So how can organisations leverage the new competitive advantage that technology brings and deliver core business functions using traditional client-server hardware at the same time?

In order for the new hyper-connected enterprise to cope with the explosion of value, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have introduced Synergy, the world’s first platform architected for composable infrastructure. Built to bridge traditional and new IT, the new category of infrastructure has been designed to accelerate application delivery in both environments.

Successfully support two operating environments
HPE Synergy enables IT leaders to retain the structure and security of traditional IT, whilst still having the flexibility and speed for new applications, by combining storage, compute and network equipment into one chassis.

Organisations can effortlessly compose and recompose to meet each application’s changing needs at near-instant speed. Synergy’s software-defined intelligence provides a single management interface to integrate silos and reduce complexity. A unified API provides full control and management – a single interface to configure, provision, update, and diagnose the infrastructure. Applications can be composed with a single line of code.

Is it time for you to investigate composable infrastructure?
Slash the time it takes to create new applications in a traditional infrastructure from weeks to seconds and significantly lower your infrastructure costs with HPE Synergy.

Start your transformational journey today and find out how IT can now directly impact your business strategy and revenue.

WATCH: HPE Synergy in two minutes