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HP enters the VR arena


Announced at the SIGGRAPH show in Los Angeles, HP BPS and HP Workstations shared exciting news surrounding their Virtual Reality (VR) offering. Promising to be unique in its approach and powerful in its delivery, the technology giant has focused efforts on making virtual reality, a reality for business.

As part of the VR portfolio, HP launched their new product – the Z VR Backpack. The backpack, which takes the title of the world’s most powerful wearable VR platform, is an all-in-one wearable PC which is untethered, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to create a seamless mobile virtual reality experience. The implications of such a device are huge – HP claims their offering will help businesses become more effective in specific areas such as employee training, innovation and design, and customer engagement.

“Virtual reality is changing the way people learn, communicate and create,” said Xavier Garcia, Vice President and General Manager, Z Workstations, HP Inc. “HP is uniting the right innovation and the right partners to position our customers with commercial VR solutions that matter. With our long history of insights-based innovation and new solutions like the HP Z VR Backpack, we are empowering VR experiences our customers can use today to reinvent the future.”

In addition to the announcement of a new product, HP revealed thirteen ‘immersion centres’ across the globe. The centres will be a place for customers to experience VR technology and an opportunity to speak to the experts about the best ways to deploy this into their organisations to streamline workflows.

Lastly, HP released information of a new project in tandem with NVIDIA, Technicolor, Fusion, Autodesk, Unreal, Launch Forth and Vive – HP Mars Home Planet. The collaborative project will create a global online co-creation community to design and re-invent life on Mars for 1 million humans in virtual reality.

Discover what HP’s Virtual Reality could do for your business

The future of HP VR looks both promising and exciting, and will be the company to watch for the delivery and implementation of VR solutions across enterprises.

Find out more about the HP Z VR, set to release this month, or get in touch to arrange a visit to the immersion centre in London.


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