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Nothing is safe. Protect your printers.


The threat is real. Secure your network with the world’s most secure business printers.

4000 ransomware attacks have happened every day since the start of 2016

1.9 billion data records were compromised worldwide in the first half of 2017, 25% of which were in the Healthcare industry. With the threat of cyberattacks at the forefront of IT professional’s minds, the importance of protecting your network has never been more significant in the aftermath of the NHS WannaCry ransomware attack.

In a recent survey, 84% of IT professionals did not identify printers as at high risk of a security breach.

Device Security

You’re are only as good as your weakest link, don’t let your vulnerability be your downfall

Printers are as vulnerable to attacks as any other endpoint device, allowing access to the network as well as the associated risks of printed documents. This blind spot in printer security allows hackers to infiltrate in plain sight, unsecured printers offer a gateway for malicious attacks.

Stop threats as soon as they start. Protect your network with printers that detect, stop and self-heal when under attack

HP Enterprise Printers feature HP SureStart, Whitelisting, Run-time intrusion detection and HP Connection Inspector.

These features enable the printer to:

• Verify the integrity of the BIOS every time it boots up, with the only self-healing BIOS
• React to threats with safe mode restarts
• Authenticate firmware on start-up
• Continuously check for intrusions and stop them on detection
• Self-inspect network connections ensuring that suspicious connections are shut down
• Automatically trigger a self-healing reboot

Protect your Printers. Protect your Network. Reinvent Security.

Learn more about our Managed Print Services and develop your custom security plan with the world’s most secure printers.


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