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Five reasons why we're looking forward to May 2017


HP have recently announced the launch of their new A3 printer product range, and it’s got everyone here at DTP a little excited. Here’s why…

DTP attended the HP Global Partner Conference in Boston in September 2016 and following industry whispers about future plans for the vendors print division, everything finally became clear; HP are set to transform the business A3 market with the anticipated release of 13 LaserJet and 3 PageWide MFP products in May 2017.

In recent years, it’s been said that the industry has lacked the technology needed to improve efficiency, provide affordable colour print and keep up with printer security requirements. Well not anymore. The announcement of the next-gen A3 MFP’s ties in with HP Inc’s acquisition of Samsung’s print business and the additions to the HP portfolio are expected to reinvent business printing.

“For decades, the copier industry has lacked the technology to improve efficiency of service, make colour affordable, and keep up with security requirements,” said Enrique Lores, president, Imaging & Printing, HP Inc. “HP is changing this with next generation A3 multifunction printers that bring to life a reimagined print environment that maximises uptime, delivers affordable colour, and offers best-in-class security.”

Managed print services (MPS) and printer security features set the products apart from the likes of Ricoh, Canon and Xerox. HP Smart Device Services (SDS) will reduce downtime and transform the service experience, and built in real-time threat detection and automated monitoring allow them to compete as the world’s most secure print devices.

Here are five good reasons why you should consider the new range next year:

1. They are super speedy
The bar has been raised by the A3 PageWide, with the latest range anticipated to move paper through the engine at up to 80 pages per minute. This is unheard of in a workgroup priced device and makes a serious challenge to light production repro technology, but now in the convenience of an office device. And why is this important? No more queues at the printer.

2. They look good
Modern designs allow for inter-exchangeability of accessories across the range. A consistent user interface makes the devices simple to operate, even for the most novice of users. They also come with an in-cave stapler stacker and hole punch options for enhanced finishing and flexibility.

3. They offer value for money
The range also boasts to reduce energy consumption by 50%, lower the cost of colour print and offer the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than any other product in their class.

4. They have next level security
It’s clear that printer security has been a key consideration in the engineering of the new HP A3 MFPs. Embedded best-in-class security features such as secure boot, firmware integrity checking and run-time intrusion detection make them the world’s most secure printers.

5. They are simple to use and service
The move towards a modular design and simple mechanical architecture results in faster repair times. Diagnostics can be performed remotely using Cloud based tools, with HP anticipating that PageWide users will require 90% fewer part replacements over the typical lifespan of the device.


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