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Exploring why SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) is a great home for research data, today

See why SUSE Enterprise Storage is the go-to solution for research data.

Gartner Vendor Rating Report: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Gartner's Vendor Ratings provide go-to content for end-users evaluating providers for strategic partnerships.

Forrester Report: Hybrid IT Strategy Insights

This Forrester Report explores how other IT leaders are gaining speed and agility while reducing friction through composability and conti...

A library of insightful technology papers created by our experts to give you the information you need about the latest trends in the market.

  • Networked Print Devices: A Clear and Present Security Risk

    Cyber-crime is costing British companies billions of pounds each year, with around 90% of all organisations affected. What should IT leaders and security departments do to protect their printers, data and enterprises from malicious attack?

  • Are Cost Per Coverage Print Contracts Fit for Purpose?

    The sophistication of print devices and the service needs of customers have changed significantly in recent years and so is the cost per page charging model still fit for purpose?

A collection of short videos and animations to showcase our products and services, and existing partnerships with our valued customers.

A selection of thought-provoking documents covering a wide range of topics and innovations to provide guidance and inform decision making.

  • Your Unsecured Printers Could Cost You £17.9M Under GDPR

    Avoid higher fines under GDPR by protecting all your devices.

  • From Managed Print Services (MPS) to Digital Workflow

    Digital Workflow is the natural progression from MPS, streamlining handling processes and management of the entire lifecycle of printed documents.

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