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Covid-19 Technology Solutions

Post Covid-19 Safety and Management Solutions

The New Norm; technology solutions for you, your staff, students and clients.

As we emerge from Covid-19 lockdown, organisations will rely heavily on technology as they begin their journey towards the new norm of work, study and play.

Ensuring that staff, students and clients have the confidence to physically engage in office and campus environments requires adherence to Government guidelines and well-managed, well-sanitised buildings.

Returning to the new norm

From the onset of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of Government guidance has been largely manual and little technology has been used to support or mitigate risk. As restrictions begin to ease and we welcome staff, students and clients back into our businesses, the role of technology will play an important part in ensuring safety and compliance. Here at DTP, we have worked hard to build a portfolio of technology solutions with our partners to help you and your organisation return to this new norm.

Building Access

Our thermal imaging camera solution from D-Link measures body temperature at scale and in large throughput areas to accurately detect people with fevers. Using advanced infrared thermal imaging technology and featuring a blackbody for constant calibration, flowing crowds in large areas are inspected in real-time. The technology, which has +/-0.3C medical-grade accuracy, distinguishes those who have an elevated temperature and raises an alarm immediately.


The solution has archive management, temp data reporting, statistic reporting and extensive analysis capabilities including system monitoring in real-time – installed and configured by DTP, with extensive training for your users.

Building Footfall and Occupancy Management

Managing the number of people within enclosed spaces is pre-requisite for social distancing and Government compliance, however, in most cases, this has been achieved using manual counting. At DTP, we offer an Aislelabs solution which provides real-time footfall and occupancy management within a building or zone using the existing WiFi infrastructure. The solution anonymously logs visitor without the need to download an app, allowing operations teams to provide building access and security personnel with up-to-the-minute information. Delivered through a mobile-friendly portal, building accesses can even be linked to smart signage via an API to create a traffic light system at entrances, with threshold alerts sent to the relevant person in real-time.

Smart Buildings and Intelligent Spaces

Delivering in-building services was once limited to enterprise software applications with enterprise software application price tickets. Over recent years, a host of mobile apps have come to market, which offer organisations the feature-rich functionality that was once only accessible to large businesses due to cost.

These smart apps allow organisations to manage staff and guests on-site and offer automated booking facilities for; meeting rooms, hot desks and car park spaces. Added to employee engagement components, we start to see how low-cost, pay as you use, mobile app-based solutions can be extremely valuable in the new norm.

Here are some examples of how this solution could be used:

Guest and Reception Management – introduce contactless automation to onsite guest and visitor management. Through integration with your messaging system, a guest can sign in electronically on a tablet in reception and their host is immediately informed. The guest is given access to WiFi and even step by step directions to the allocated meeting room.

Smart meeting room/hot desk booking and management – use your smartphone to check the availability and book rooms and desks. Check the cleaning status, automatically hook in remote attendees to join via Webex link and book extras such as catering or request cleaning. If a room or desk has not been occupied, availability will automatically be released for others to use.

Staff Safety Management and Engagement – during an on-campus/in-building emergency, staff are notified and evacuated via a safe route, and are electronically accounted for enabling key personnel to locate missing persons. At the other end of the scale, the solution promotes staff engagement via surveys, access to news, information and offers, and the ability for staff to see who else is in the building for collaboration – or even a socially distanced lunch!

At Device Safety

As organisations move into the new norm, contactless access will be required for shared technology such as printers, however some elements will still require human touch to operate. DTP can provide and install anti-bacterial screen covers which when applied to shared tablet and MFD screens, remove the threat of the virus and give users the confidence to engage.



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