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How can I manage remote user devices during a global pandemic?


Managing remote user devices has also been a challenge for IT departments but throw in a global pandemic and reduced resources and this can quickly become a business-wide problem.

Managing a fleet of devices has become much harder. The number of remote workers has exploded and created new challenges for IT departments to enable business continuity and ensure workers have reliable endpoint devices and optimal experiences when using Office, Teams, Zoom, etc.

IT teams need a way to quickly triage the most impactful issues and minimise downtime due to hardware and software errors. This requires new tools to meet evolving requirements in the remote workforce ecosystem.

In our first ‘Lessons from Lockdown’ podcast, DTP’s Dan Burke and Andrew Fawcett, have discussed these remote management challenges and how HP’s Techpulse solution has helped our customers tackle them.

Prevent downtime with detailed hardware health monitoring.

Current procurement challenges due to the worldwide pandemic, further exacerbated by Brexit, may mean it takes longer to replace devices. As well as the logistic challenges replacing devices in homes, etc. HP TechPulse gives IT decision makers 1-2 months of lead time by identifying devices that will have hard-drive or battery failures, as well as devices that cannot be updated because of insufficient drive space.

HP Techpulse also helps right-size device replacements to optimise productivity and cost. The software can identify users that need more or less powerful devices based on their usage pattern. This level of detail provides IT with device purchase recommendations.

“You’re able to see information quickly and clearly through various reporting diagrams, and able to actually pinpoint devices that are causing problems and are of concern, whether that’s related to performance, the security, the health or the warranty for example. It’s important to try to reduce those service calls and things that need actioning especially when if during the pandemic you’ve got a smaller team to look after them and a great part of what HP Techpulse provides is the incident side of it so if things have gone wrong it can be easily diagnosed.” Andy Fawcett, End User Compute Technical Consultant, DTP Group

HP TechPulse transforms how you deploy and manage your hardware: simplifying IT, optimising resources and cutting costs through innovation, automation and efficiencies.

  • Advanced notification for hard drive or battery failures
  • Triage machines that need BIOS, driver or OS updates
  • Identify unsecured devices
  • Right-size device replacements
  • Monitor critical application performance (i.e., VPN, Zoom, antivirus)
  • Manage VPN access

“With HP TechPulse you know you can be confident that those devices are performing the best they can and you’re actually providing a better service for your users because you’re able to see and capture things potentially before they happen in terms of how well the devices are performing and what applications are actually causing them performance spikes” Andy Fawcett, End User Compute Technical Consultant, DTP Group

DTP, together with the power of HP TechPulse, provides a complete managed solution for your entire estate, offering both detailed analytics and proactive support. View the full HP TechPulse Remote Workers Support Guide.

Learn more about HP DaaS and TechPulse or get in touch to speak to DTP’s DaaS experts.


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