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University of Manchester case study - dtp group

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the UK’s most popular higher education institutions, with almost 40,000 students and over 10,600 staff in 2012, making it the largest single-site university in the UK. With a large number of IT users, offering a good and consistent user experience to students is high on their agenda.

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A Safecom pull print solution

Following a consolidation and redesign project with DTP, the University now operates just 145 HP multi-function devices (MFDs) across the entire student accessible estate, which allow scan, copy, email and print with a SafeCom pull printing solution. The pull printing aspect means that users can go to any device to print off their job, scan to their email account or make local copies of documents, and if their chosen device is busy the user can simply pull their documents to any other available device.

With a SafeCom pull printing solution, print jobs are effectively stored in the ‘cloud’, and ‘pulled’ from the cloud when the user authenticates it with a fob or card, such as the University’s ID card. If a job is not collected at a device within a specified time it is simply deleted from the cloud. By implementing a solution such as this, universities can significantly reduce the costs associated with printing and focus their attention on investing in service improvement.

Realising the added benefits

Whilst it is clear the main purpose of the project was to improve the student experience, it is evident that the University has been gifted many other benefits by introducing the service. This has included enhanced reporting, improved visibility and a higher level of service, as DTP work to Service Level Agreements as part of the Managed Print Solution contract.

The student print service is now truly outsourced to DTP with literally no touch, so putting paper into the devices is all that is needed. Any internal resource that was previously consumed by the print service is now freed up to work on other priorities. Furthermore, the pull print solution allows the University to bill students, which they can use to cover costs or even as a revenue stream, a policy which can be varied by individual or user groups.

A positive student experience

Chris Sharples, the University’s head of Client Services, comments; “We now have a clear view of the total cost of ownership for student printing and although printing has historically been a source of some frustration for students, the feedback is now positive”.


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