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Grange Hotels

Grange Hotels offers an extensive range of 4 and 5 star hotel accommodation, hospitality and events services in and around London. They selected DTP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to refresh and consolidate their IT infrastructure service, to allow them to offer first-class services to their guests.

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Background - Grange Hotels

Prior to working with DTP, Grange Hotels had a mixture of manufacturers across its network. Its equipment was coming to the end of its life, so Grange Hotels made the decision to refresh the network to become more reliable and to ensure that it offered the services required of a first-class hotel chain.

A single manufacturer

Grange Hotels wanted to choose one manufacturer that could deliver all of the hotel chain’s requirements. Rajendra Thuvarakan, Senior Security / Networking Engineer said “We found that HPE does the job we need it to. We compared it against other brands and found the product specifications of HPE were right for us and it matched our budget available.”

By consolidating its IT infrastructure service to one manufacturer, the Hotel Chain is already seeing the benefits of having one point of contact for any queries. Rajendra comments, _“We are seeing big cost savings by selecting one particular vendor and it is easier to manage if something goes wrong. We have one point of contact for any issues.”

Matching the hotel's vision

DTP’s highly-accredited technical consultants worked with Grange Hotels to understand the company’s vision for its architecture and to agree a design that would match its requirements. This included implementing:

  • HPE Core and Edge Switches and HPE Wireless Networking for its network environment.
  • HPE Proliant Servers for its server environment.
  • HPE MSA for its storage requirements.
  • HPE’s AP5000 in its first deployment of retail point of sale units, and subsequently HPE’s RP7 units.

Expert consultancy

As standard, DTP tests all equipment for Dead on Arrival (DOA) failures, assembles and installs any additional components required, performs functionality testing and disposes of unwanted packaging before delivering to site. DTP also provided Grange Hotels with consultancy days to assist with their networking, Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory requirements, where DTP’s knowledge and expertise could advise on best practice expansions.

Rajendra – Grange Hotels comments, “DTP’s engineers are very good. We have used DTP’s on-site services quite a lot and the team have always been very professional. If there are ever any problems they get resolved very quickly.”

DTP - a recommended partner

“Everything went perfectly and according to plan. DTP’s staff are very professional and my account manager is very good and his product knowledge is excellent. I would recommend DTP because they are reliable, efficient and they have good expertise.”


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