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NHS Shared Business Services’ Framework - LINK3: IT Hardware and Services

NHS Shared Business Services’ Framework – Digital Workplace: Hardware (LINK3: IT Hardware and Services) – SBS 10044

An NHS Shared Business Services framework that offers NHS and public sector organisations a fully compliant and competitive procurement agreement for all commonly purchased IT hardware and services.

DTP Group is an approved supplier on NHS Shared Business Services’ SBS 10044 framework: LINK3 IT Hardware and Services.

About the LINK3 framework

The LINK3: IT Hardware and Services agreement is free to access and covers all end user device requirements you could need including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, print devices and specialist healthcare related IT Hardware. It replaces the popular Link 2: IT Hardware & Services framework. This framework will run from 01 March 2021 until 28 February 2023.

SBS 10044 is a joint procurement/framework between North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative and NHS Shared Business Services who work with NHS organisations and public sector bodies to harness their buying power and influence the market in order to put in place competitive procurement solutions, including framework agreements and contracts for the supply of ICT category goods and services.

A total of 19 suppliers have been awarded to the framework which includes IT manufacturers, IT resellers, and specialist medical IT providers. The framework offers an OJEU compliant route to market, saving valuable time and resources for the public sector.


Who can use the LINK3 IT hardware and services framework?

NHS Shared Business Services is a national provider for a range of Health, Digital & IT, and Corporate Services framework agreements, which can be used by all UK based public sector organisations, including:

• NHS organisations
• Local Authorities
• Local Education Authority
• Further and Higher Education
• Academies
• Housing Associations
• Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance)
• Museums, galleries etc
• The Prison Service
• Charities

What are the benefits of procuring through the LINK3 framework?

• Potential saving opportunities of 20-27%
• Free to access
• Direct Award option
• Access approved within 24hrs
• ABI income is retained within the NHS and Public Sector purse
• PCR 2015 compliant route to market (previously OJEU compliant)
• Use of NHS call-off terms and order form template
• Personalised procurement support
• An approved list of suppliers who have been evaluated on quality and price
• Wider market access

Which products are included on LINK3 IT Hardware and services?

The framework agreement has the following lot structure:

Lot 1 – Desktops
Products available include Desktop computers including small form factors, micro’s, all in one’s, thin client devices plus peripherals including monitors when purchased at the same time. Includes warranty and lease/Device as a Service options.

Lot 2 – Laptops
Products available include laptop computers, notebook devices, rugged devices, two in ones, thin and lightweight clients plus peripherals. Includes warranty and lease /Device as a Service options.

Lot 3 – Mobile Devices
Products available include Tablets PCs, Slate devices (wraparound, detachable, phablets), mobile phones (including smartphones, smart watches) plus peripherals when purchased with a tablets/slate computer. Includes warranty and lease /Device as a Service options.

Lot 4a – PC/Laptop Carts and Peripherals
Products available include, but not limited to, Mobile Carts including PC’s when purchased together, infection control products, mobile clinical assistant services, for use in point of care and mobile environments plus peripherals. Includes warranty and lease options.

Lot 4b – Clinical Monitors, Medical Displays
Products available include, but not limited to, LCD and HD monitors, large format, multi display mode Monitors and Displays suitable for end user applications including but not limited to PACS, endoscopy, mammography plus peripherals when purchased with a monitor/display to include wall mounts. Includes warranty and lease options.

Lot 5 – Printers / Scanners / Asset Scanners
Products available include, but not limited to, office printers, medical printers, asset scanners, barcode scanners plus peripherals when purchased. Includes warranty and lease options.

Lot 6 – One Stop Shop
This lot can be utilised if procuring a combination of products from other lots, without the need to run separate procurements or to purchase a selection of peripherals.

How does the LINK3 framework give competitive pricing?

The framework catalogue contains a core basket of goods with competitive fixed pricing for at least two years. It also enables new innovative methods of purchasing IT hardware such as Device as a Service (DaaS) and finance leasing.

NHS Shared Business Services’ supplier range ensures approved organisations are supplied with IT solutions tailored to their needs, with innovative Device as a Service offerings, and ‘Core Basket’ item prices fixed for 2 years. Procuring through the framework means you have the benefit of a collaborative approach, sharing the costs of programme management and procurement support, which lower pricing and increases cost-savings.

Visit our Frameworks Page for a full list of public sector procurement frameworks that DTP are an approved supplier for.


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