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Efficient storage that delivers high performance, increased capacity and simplified data protection all at an affordable price. Nimble Storage technology offers an effortlessly flexible and agile platform to meet your specific data centre needs.

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Nimble represents the next evolution in storage technology. A solution which offers the benefits of both flash and disk options, transforming contemporary IT storage solutions.

Named the visionary leader in flash storage by Gartner and powered by the revolutionary CASL file system architecture, Nimble operates with unprecedented performance and capacity while simplifying business operations. Additionally, its predictive analytics management platform InfoSight enables monitoring and control straight from the cloud.

Why Nimble?

Over six years ago, Nimble developed a strategy to leverage big data and machine learning to optimise their customers’ environments, with the main aim to offer an infrastructure stack that operates faultlessly, informs you when something is about to go wrong, and prevents problems from occurring in the first place, giving customers’ the fastest, most reliable access to data.

Nimble, who were acquired by leading technology vendor Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in April 2017, spend around 28% of their revenue on Research & Development, proving they are investing heavily in their future. Using predictive analytics across the infrastructure stack, the vendor is continuously working on improving their sophisticated analytics tools to further simplify the data centre of the future.

Rod Bagg, Vice President, Analytics and Customer Support at Nimble Storage commented: “Over 9,000 enterprises and cloud service providers across 50 countries rely on Nimble Storage to underpin their critical business applications on-premise and in the cloud”.

Explore key features to discover why so many organisations choose Nimble

Gartner names Nimble Storage the 'flash visionary leader' for three key reasons:

1. CS-Series array integration with hypervisors and with products such as VMvision enables the array and server to share performance information and adapt to changing access patterns and workload profiles
2. Customer satisfaction is high due to simple administration and proactive support
3. Customers can and do perform their own firmware upgrades, which is an indication of the simplicity, modularity, and resiliency of the array architecture and design

Find out why Gartner also placed Nimble firmly in the leaders category.

Machine Learning boosts application uptime

Nimble Storage analysed more than 12,000 instances of app problems from a range of IT infrastructures across 7,500+ customer environments.

Download the infographic to show the full results and benefits of using their predictive analytics platform InfoSight.


Discover what Nimble can do for you

Enterprise Solutions and IT organisations are rapidly integrating flash into their data centres. The performance benefits are clear, but cost and capacity requirements can dictate the pace of adoption. Are you ready for a transition to all flash?

For more information on why Nimble is so successful, download the Gartner report, then get in touch with our infrastructure experts today for an evaluation of your existing backup processes and to learn more about how a Nimble Storage solution could work for your organisation.


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