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How eSports is attracting a new generation of student


Academic eSports has ballooned in recent years, both in popularity and as a recognised sport.

What is eSports?
Esports is an increasingly popular form of competition involving gaming at an advanced, professional level. Esports events are often played in front of a live audience as well as being simultaneously streamed via online channels.

Academic Esports refers to teams that represent a college or university and compete against other academic teams within the higher education sector. There are over 400 teams in the National University eSports League (NUEL) and last year, nearly 5000 students played in this league.

  • 20% of eSports viewers say professional gamers are athletes

  • 42% consider eSports a real sport

  • 44% say gaming will become as popular as traditional sports.

Four million people, or 7% of British adults have watched competitive video gaming in the UK alone and 21% of those aged 18 to 24 in Britain are watching eSports.

The power of academic eSports

How can universities support this growing megatrend?

Most universities have now established an eSports society, but the UK eSports industry is highly competitive, especially for academic gaming and within the NUEL, making it important that these student gamers have the right equipment and environment that ensures they benefit from a competitive and immersive gaming experience.

HP Omen and HP Z Workstations feature cutting edge design and power, built for gamers with customisation and durability in mind, containing top-notch specs and high-end components that deliver that immersive gaming experience.

“eSports is one of the fastest-growing entertainment mediums in the world, and anything that can help the UK establish itself as a centre for this exciting industry should be celebrated. Plans to grow the UK as an eSports hub bring huge opportunities in job creation”.

Dr Bobbie Fletcher, Head of Games and Visual Effects at Staffordshire University.

eSports is now viewed as a way to attract prospective students amid a competitive environment, with some colleges and universities fully entering this digital arena and embracing eSport facilities.

DTP Group, in partnership with HP, are dedicated to providing the best device solutions and experiences for passionate academic gamers and developers everywhere.

Take a look at our dedicated Gaming and Esports page to learn more, or get in touch today to discuss how your university can equip your gamers of the future.


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