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COVID-19 is first and foremost a human event and a UK national tragedy. During this time of panic, confusion and uncertainty it is crucial to present strong leadership and to build trust through competence and excellence.

Universities, schools and education agencies across the globe are quickly moving to the cloud — putting data, applications and services online in a quest for increased speed and convenience. But legacy IT can mean big expenses when it comes to cloud migration. While it makes sense to adopt cloud-based solutions in a world where digital educators and learners expect services and information to be always accessible, it’s important to consider the right mix of cloud and on-premises solutions.

Investing in intelligent, self-managing IT infrastructure enables schools, universities and other education agencies to do more with less, and deliver improved outcomes for learners and educators. While saving more than ever before.

The trend to hybrid

A one-size-fits-all cloud approach often fails to cover the specific needs of each application, and mapping your applications to the most suitable IT environment can be tricky without the right strategy. For newer application developments, you may well benefit from the flexibility of the public or private cloud. But for some legacy applications, it may be too costly or difficult to transfer to a cloud environment and may pose a greater security risk. As such, it’s probably better to keep them on-premises.

A few years ago, the public cloud ruled supreme because it enabled quick application deployment and pay-as-you-go billing. The cloud promised more flexibility and lower cost, but the reality was a little different as the struggle to get anticipated savings never matured. Today controlling cloud costs is a huge priority for public cloud users.

Higher Education Hybrid Cloud
The new, hybrid reality

This is why today’s reality is hyper-converged infrastructure, in which a hybrid cloud combines onsite infrastructure with public and/or private cloud environments.

Using a hybrid solution means you can fine-tune your cloud environment to match your requirements, and precisely deliver the benefits you need the most. This is critical for organisations that need to manage sensitive personal data while enabling more open access to data, for instance.

With the right mix of these qualities, cloud-like, on-premises solutions will work effectively alongside your cloud environment.

The result? A seamless environment that’ll help you deliver better services, within your budget.

Higher Education Hybrid Cloud
Agile automation enhances productivity

The need for increased legislative compliance and security has caused complexity to grow incrementally — and most of this responsibility falls on IT departments. Yet data centre managers and IT personnel are also expected to be agile, dealing with day-to-day operations like backups and hardware replacement, while providing users with more simplified and automated solutions. However, expecting teams to handle all these tasks manually creates undue pressure, and manual intervention is prone to human error—and is time-consuming.

But most every day IT functions can now be handled automatically with HPE OneView, a single dashboard-based system that makes it simple to deploy and manage complex hybrid cloud infrastructure. Software-defined intelligence enables a template-driven approach for deploying, provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.

Lower TCO, enhanced resourcing

Using HPE OneView, IT administrators create a catalogue of workload-optimised infrastructure templates, that allows teams to rapidly and reliably provision compute, storage, and fabric resources. Software-defined intelligence enables automated provisioning with repeatable templates that ensure high reliability, consistency, and control, which all lead to lower operating expenses.

By automating the mundane tasks of IT with HPE OneView, IT resources can be deployed where they are needed most — in support, innovation and development, for more efficient and citizen-centred operation.

HPE is partnering with all levels of government and public services to capitalise on your end-of-year budget and help kick service delivery into high gear for the coming year.

Higher Education Hybrid Cloud
Better gearing, better experience

Digital transformation can happen faster and more securely than ever before, with the right strategic technology partner. Put educators and learners first by spending your year-end budget on infrastructure today that enables a better future for all tomorrow.

Speak to a DTP consultant today. Invest your year-end budget and start your hybrid cloud journey.

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