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Embrace Hybrid Cloud

Accelerate your time-to-value by simplifying your application migration with DTP and HPE

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You have more choices now than ever to host your applications in a hybrid cloud environment.

Here you will find an overview of DTP’s Hybrid Cloud Services specifically tailored for the public sector. For further information or a more in depth discussion around your Hybrid Cloud journey, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Alternatively, create your own agenda from our Cloud event menu and we will be in touch to organise your personalised tech day, brought to you by DTP and HPE.

Review your IT environment and organisational goals

Before you decide on the best approach to hybrid cloud, it’s essential you gain a clear overview of your current ecosystem. DTP can provide an in-depth discovery of all your applications, data and workloads, along with an assessment of how they connect with one another, using HPE’s Right Mix Advisor.

The HPE and DTP Recipe for Success

DTP Hybrid Cloud for Higher Education

The cloud is not an all-or-nothing strategy and there is no reason to put all your workloads in one basket.

Download our white paper by completing the form to explore how identifying the right mix of IT services can help you deliver faster, more efficient student services and ensure that you’re gaining the most value for your University.

The HPE and DTP Recipe For Success White Paper

Migrate your data from tape to cloud

Public cloud is the hero of today’s chapter in data storage.

For decades the go-to long term storage solution has been a stack of tapes in a “secure” location gathering dust, with those responsible hoping they never actually have to put them to use. However, modern media is starting to surpass tape in all areas with cloud storage leading the way.

Cloud storage is infinitely scale-able for as many backups as you need, replicated throughout datacenters on multiple data storage devices for absolute guarantee of reliability, and at an all-round cost to every department smile. READ MORE.


Help your business keep doing business – even during major IT outages.

Microsoft Azure Backup can be used for a wide range of data backup scenarios, and protects physical or virtual machines no matter where they reside: on-premises or in the cloud.

Azure also offers ease of deployment, cost effectiveness and dependability, and has been recognised as a leader in DRaaS based on completeness of vision and ability to execute by Gartner in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service.

Retain control of your Hybrid Cloud with HPE GreenLake

Watch the video below to learn how HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud enables you to gain control of your cloud usage, cost, performance, security an compliance.

Consistent Hybrid Cloud from Azure

Whether you have virtualised software workloads hosted on both Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines, or maybe Oracle and MySQL are operating alongside Microsoft SQL Server and other applications running on Linux? It doesn’t matter, because all these and other computing and database environments can also be integrated with or migrated to Azure using a consistent set of tools and services.

Connect data and apps on-premises to those in the cloud—for maximum portability and value from existing investments. Azure offers hybrid consistency in application development, management and security, identity management, and across the data platform. This means your organisation is free to decide what computing resources stay in-house and what moves to the cloud.

Industry-leading security

Microsoft spends more than $1 billion each year on cybersecurity to keep workloads safe. Azure offers a secure platform for your cloud workloads, providing industry-leading security intelligence, multi-layer threat discovery and defence, and a strong network of integrated partner solutions. These easy-to-deploy, built-in protections maximise security, reduce complexity, and free up operations team resources for more critical functions.


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