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Conquer today’s security challenges with DTP’s Device-as-a-Service model


Technology has transformed today’s digital workplace revolutionising the way people work, but brings with it more complexity than ever before.

The workforce, once confined to the office, is now spread between home-worker, remote locations, on the go and even those at the other side of the world. Rather than being tethered to office spaces, employees now regularly carry out work-related tasks from their own devices, including smartphones and tablets. This increased flexibility makes it easier and more convenient for employees to manage workloads, but for IT, this presents a challenge that is anything but ‘easy’.

The decentralised and ‘always on’ workplace presents several challenges for IT, plus the number of devices that need managing and securing is growing at a super-fast pace with devices projected to outnumber humans four-to-one by 2020.

DaaS for the modern workforce

IT leaders spend a great deal of their time ensuring software is up to date and devices are secure; this constant cycle of alerts and responses is becoming ever-more time consuming.

One way to relieve the burden of daily tasks is to take advantage of HP’s Device as a Service (DaaS) from DTP Group. The DaaS model enables organisations to keep assets up to date easily, better manage IT spending and maximise resources. It also provides the flexibility businesses need by offering adjustable agreements to match workloads and optimize IT budgets.

HP DaaS Elite

With the DaaS model, you gain access to powerful, insightful and actionable analytics that can help your business:

Identify the best computer profile for each user
Minimize security vulnerabilities
Report the location of assets
Enforce security policies
Report on software usage
Monitor fleet health
Proactively replace batteries and hard drives
Address issues before they become a problem

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