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NHS Trust Managed Print Service

Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust

Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust reduces costs and supports mobile workforce with innovative HP multifunction devices. Every day, Norfolk Community Health & Care NHS Trust (NCH&C) strives to provide excellent patient care in a time of severely squeezed public sector budgets.

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Serving a population of nearly 900,000 people in Norfolk, the Trust’s aim is to constantly improve patients’ lives by providing them with the best care, close to where they live. In practice, this means its clinical staff are based across 40 sites throughout the county, with a large mobile workforce of approximately 1750 community nurses and care workers visiting patients in their homes.

It’s a high-pressure job, and one that can easily become even more stressful if the supporting technology infrastructure goes wrong. Printer malfunctions can be a huge source of stress for time-pressured clinical staff, so when NCH&C was nearing the end of two printer leasing contracts, it wanted to ensure the new contract was awarded to a Managed Print Service provider that could support its aims.

Balancing procurement rules with clinical need to support clinicians

A key consideration was replacing their 86 legacy, refurbished printers with modern multifunction devices (MFDs) that meet the needs and expectations of today’s users. The Trust was aware that many of its devices were over 10 years old, which meant it was missing out on new functionality that could better support its staff.

For Steve Worley, NCH&C’s Interim Head of Procurement, the challenge was to balance the Trust’s need for up-to-date print, copy and scan capabilities with the need to ensure best value for taxpayers’ money: “Public sector contract regulations mean that with every new contract, we have to show we’re getting the most value for as little money as possible. But for us, that doesn’t mean cutting corners on cost. There’s no point buying cheap devices if you’re only going to have to replace them two years later. It’s a false economy.”

A modern, cost-effective MFD estate

DTP proposed a cost-effective solution that would replace the Trust’s existing 86 devices, supported by 21 servers, with a slimmed-down estate of 74 new, touchscreen HP devices, supported by just seven servers. The Trust had a year left on one of its existing contracts, which led to discussions about whether the old and new devices could exist side by side for a year.

Steve says the Trust looked at the problem from a costing basis and practicality basis. “The steer from our IT team was that it would be problematic for them to run two different printer estates. However, when we looked at DTP’s costing proposal, it actually justified ending the previous contract a year early and sending the old devices back.”


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