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Malcolm Hollis Managed Print Services from DTP Group

Malcolm Hollis

Founded in 1971, Malcolm Hollis is a leading independent commercial building surveying consultancy operating in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Headquartered in London, the company operates from 19 locations.

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The print environment at Malcolm Hollis was due a refresh. Costs were high, devices were clunky and unreliable and the IT supplier supporting the equipment was slow to react to issues. The company made the decision to overhaul their printer fleet in order to generate cost savings and enhance the user experience through the provision of high quality technology devices. As a professional services company, Malcolm Hollis place great importance on the need for quality and speed in their print environment,

“It’s essential that staff have access to facilities that permit high class customer service as we often have tight deadlines. For example, we may need to print a client report at 4pm to ensure it’s in the post before 5pm for delivery the next working day, and so we don’t want to have to wait over 30 minutes for the document print.”


Jenni Franzmann, IT Project Manager at Malcolm Hollis evaluated available options before awarding the tender, “We explored options with a number of different manufacturers and partners. Some offered good technology and support but costs were too high. Others were cost effective but lacked sufficient support and product functionality. We needed to find a complementary balance and HP and DTP offered us the full package.”

Enterprise multi-function devices were deployed in all locations and Equitrac secure pull print software was installed to manage end user services. As part of the service, the IT solutions provider now monitors and maintains the companies MFD’s and wide format devices, supplying toner replenishment, parts and equipment as and when required. DTP will also shortly be expanding into Europe with Malcolm Hollis as the company looks to widen their global reach.


Since partnering with DTP, Malcolm Hollis has achieved a number of significant benefits using cost effective IT solutions. Fewer printers are now required due to the high performance of new devices, resulting in a reduction of capital spend, electricity usage and CO2 emissions. The upgrade to the latest technology has also improved print quality and increased speeds and output.

The team at Malcolm Hollis are pleased with the results so far. Mike Robinson, IT Partner who oversaw the project explains “DTP have helped us to achieve all of our desired outcomes. We’re eighteen months into a three-year contract and better functionality has already helped us to achieve substantial cost savings. We’ve reduced our paper wastage which means we no longer need to purchase the same quantity. The quality of print has improved and as an IT department, we receive fewer complaints about breakages and paper jams.”


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