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LEEDS BECKETT UNIVERSITY case study - dtp group

Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett wanted to replace a fragmented technology mix of printers and copiers and consolidate with a unified solution that would reduce costs, improve services and better meet the needs of both students and staff.

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Leeds Beckett University awarded the contract to source a single consolidated fleet to HP Preferred Partner DTP Group, which has enjoyed a 20 year relationship with the institution. Having considered hardware options available to them via UK’s Higher Education purchasing framework, the University chose to deploy HP Multi-Function Printers.


The University approached DTP to help source a compatible software solution. After a successful trial period, SafeCom software was selected due to the reliability and ease of integration with HP’s Multi-Function Print devices.

At the time, Leeds Beckett was also in the process of introducing a common campus Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card that students and staff would be able to use for print, copy, library, catering and on-campus purchases.


To coincide with the University’s aim to become a “cashless campus”, students are able to top up their RFID cards on the web or at kiosks located around the university and can then use their campus card to pay for print.

Members of staff also use the cards and their print is then automatically set against departmental costs. The service allows for printer logs to create a print profile that can be used to build and refine future printer deployments. Jobs that have remained uncollected for three days are automatically deleted from the print queue and this is expected to significantly reduce paper wastage.


Over an initial seven month period, 3,263,714 pages were put into the print system and of that, 967,840 pages were automatically deleted as they remained uncollected and represented a 43 per cent reduction in wasted paper and enhance the University’s environmental credentials. By the project completion date, Leeds Beckett’s 2000 print, copy and fax machines will have been replaced by just 450 HP Multi-Function Print devices that are leased under a Managed Print Service contract which includes support and automatic replenishment of consumables.


“The electricity to run our old fleet used to cost £40,000 per year and we expect that to be halved. Not only are we using fewer devices but the ones we have are also more energy efficient,” says Gavin Weiner, Deputy Networked System Manager at Leeds Beckett University.

“Although we have not yet calculated our CO2 emissions, we will introduce this as the project matures and we expect to see a reduction. Students have welcomed the increased functionality offered by the reliable HP Multi-Function Printers, particularly the higher availability of colour and the general overall print quality. Further good news for students is that cost savings have enabled Leeds Beckett to reduce print charges by up to 50%.”


“We forecast potential savings when we started the project and based on things like reduced paper volumes, new machines, power, toner and administrative savings we will save about £200,000 a year,” concludes Weiner.


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