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dpd group case study - dtp group

DPD Group

International parcel delivery specialist DPD now benefits from DTP’s Transparent Managed Print Services, delivering all of the traditional MPS services with a reduced cost that reflects true toner coverage usage.

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DTP began working with DPD back in 2013, when they were in need of an MPS that could deliver cost-savings as well as reduce the burdens associated with print management on their IT staff; benefits they expected from a managed print service but which their current service was not delivering.

Rationalising DPD’s fleet

A fully managed service deployment from DTP followed a comprehensive audit of content and coverage. The proposal recommended the consolidation of DPD’s existing fleet, which included 270 devices, 7 brands and 72 models, to under 200 devices, 1 brand and 4 models.
The new networked service will ensure that any future plans for the estate can be easily scaled up, or down, with little reliance on internal resource.

With 90% of businesses having experienced a print-related data breach, securing the devices was a fundamental requirement. Using in-built security features, DPD is now protected from network breaches and as the business reduces reliance on paper processes, their print infrastructure is now well equipped to deal with digital workflow.

Delivering significant cost savings

Our upfront analysis of DPD’s content and coverage emphasised the opportunity to drive down cost. Client page content was below their Cost Per Page contract assumptions; 50% of pages were printed with only highlight colour (such as company logo) on them, 40% of which was below 2% and 42% was below 4%.

Whilst the Transparent MPS model is available to any of our clients, this contract was bespoke to DPD, without volume commitment so the contractual benefit sits with the them.

TMPS success

DPD has confirmed that the TMPS billing method has saved them an additional 30% on their print costs, achieved without compromising on service delivery.


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