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chartered surveyor - cost effective storage solution

UK Chartered Surveyor firm

DTP delivers IT services and solutions to an established chartered surveyor firm in the UK, provider of world-class property advice and surveyor services dedicated to ensuring clients get maximum value from their property investments.

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Unlocking storage potential

Ageing, disparate storage infrastructure was limiting growth, and potentially undermining the chartered surveyor’s ability to meet its commitments to its clients. The performance of the existing EMC storage solution wasn’t increasing in line with user demands. The system was unreliable at times, and with limited functionality and flexibility, it looked unfit to support future growth.

Having had success with HPE servers in the past, the company contacted DTP to help plan and implement a new HPE 3PAR flash storage solution. Normally, this kind of shift to a new storage vendor would cause uncertainty around costs, migration and user adoption. Thanks to HP’s advanced technology and smart integrations from DTP, the solution saw a near-seamless rollout, while offering a range of benefits and room for further growth in the future.

Benefits of 3PAR

The new 3PAR flash storage array offers a range of benefits to help the chartered surveyor keep delivering maximum value to its clients, and to simplify its management across its virtualised desktop and machine workloads.

With an all-flash architecture, the new solution achieves speeds of up to 100,000 IOPS, offering much greater performance – and room to take on more demanding Citrix and VMWare workloads in the future.

Benefits to the client

Though the benefits of flash storage are vast, many organisations remain locked in to legacy storage platforms due to the hassle and risks of migrating.

Having built a strong partnership with DTP, the company was able to achieve the benefits of flash in a way that integrated with existing systems and reduced the risks of migration. The company has truly been able to get the best of both worlds, breaking out of vendor lock-in and embracing a high-performing, future-proof all-flash array that opens the door for future growth.


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