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Harness the power of IoT

By 2019, 43% of all IoT data will be processed at the edge prior to being sent to a data centre.

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60% of organisations either already have some kind of connected IoT solution, or are planning to deploy one in the next 24 months.

The Internet of Things is moving from promise to reality, and IT leaders now have more resources in this increasingly connected world. While in its infancy, IoT has the potential to disrupt organisations and industries almost instantaneously.

A smarter, faster, more cost effective approach to IoT

With IoT opening up new business models and opportunities, it’s no wonder so many are investing in it. But while IoT can help businesses offer new services and optimise existing ones, several barriers can stand in the way of effective adoption.

This executive paper shows how moving processing and compute power to the edge of the IoT network opens up new possibilities; how Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) enables intelligent edge computing, and how organisations like yours are using it to create and capitalise on new opportunities.


Alan Smalley, IoT and Data Lead at HPE; Roy Clarke, Technical Fellow at PTC; Paul Haimes, Vice President of Pre-Sales at HPE; and Ian Henderson, Chief Technologist at HPE, discuss how businesses should approach IoT and AI innovation to create a business use case that is aligned to their business outcomes and processes, and adds real value.


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