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Software Services

DTP provides software that increases productivity,
lowers costs, and reduces risk

Hardware has become the commodity component that works quietly away in the background. Data Software Services have become the most important technology layer that delivers greater capability, efficiency and security. And that’s where the true value lies.

DTP implements software solutions that deliver immediate and lasting value. Whether they are a one-off point solution, part of a broad scope project, or provided within a full managed service, DTP software solutions deliver cost reductions, productivity improvements and risk reduction throughout the IT lifecycle.


Our security software solutions for the enterprise provide proactive protection that combines information correlation, application analysis and network-level defence. As the number of malicious cyber-attacks on enterprise networks and applications continues to grow, it is critically important that you adopt a proactive approach to security that is designed specifically to protect your applications, network and data at every key point of vulnerability.

Network security

DTP’s comprehensive network security solutions protect your virtual and physical networks, applications, and data against even the most sophisticated threats: known, unknown, and zero-day. DTP network security solutions are simple to install, configure and use, and provide you with real-time network protection, complete visibility, and centralized management and analytics.

Application security

To help you protect the tools that are mission-critical to your day-to-day business, DTP provides application security solutions that span every aspect of application security testing, software security management and application self-protection.

Service & Portfolio

DTP’s Service and Portfolio management software enables you to spend less time managing technology, so you have more time to focus on activities that drive business opportunity, service innovation and growth.

Asset Management

Our specialist software will help you manage your assets more effectively throughout their lifecycle; from procurement to disposal, so that you achieve maximum value for the minimum investment.

Big Data Analytics

The ability to transform data into actionable business insight is the driving force behind business transformation. DTP provides Big Data solutions that are bespoke and tailored specifically to your business and legislative requirements. They will empower your people to make more accurate, timelier and productive decisions, and provide you with the policies and frameworks you need to fully meet your corporate governance obligations.

DTP Big Data solutions will enable you to:

  • Preserve hardware and system resources so that your business, researchers, analysts and data experts can manage mixed workloads with dynamic resource management. This will help improve capability and efficiency and reduce your total cost of ownership.
  • Predict and prevent customer churn using rich social media data and insight to identify customer sentiment, behaviour and trends. This will help you improve Customer Relationship Management and ROI across the entire marketing mix.
  • Deliver more targeted and personalised offers and promotions by combining big data with location data. This will enable you to identify the most appropriate and valuable consumers according to brand loyalty, engagement and touch-points.
  • Perform analytics for energy and communications services so you can inform customers about their actual consumption levels and suggest ways in which they could reduce their energy bills.

Managing Big data

DTP Big Data solutions will give you the tools and processes you need to drill right down into your data to gain the most detailed understanding from every type and category of information you hold. You’re new data management tools will produce graphical charts with statistical summaries and ‘hot spots’ of information.

Advanced data management services ensure that all new and changed data goes through the automated control layer and applies the predefined indexing procedure, location assignment and retention policies. Data control is performed using DTP’s own analytical tools, together with market-leading HP Autonomy software which delivers the most comprehensive view of your data achievable and the clearest possible insights into your business.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Enables you to manage enterprise-class cloud services across a hybrid IT environment. This provides greater flexibility and ease of operation within a complete end-to-end cloud solution. Hybrid Cloud Management from DTP will enable you to completely transform your IT service delivery for the benefit of your users, customers, shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Mobile Working and Security

DTP will help you achieve safe and secure mobile working; from device to network to server. Our connected back-up services provide proven enterprise-class data protection and security for desktops, mobile devices, tablets and laptops without negatively impacting service delivery. DTP will also secure your email services and other applications data within an isolated ‘container’ on mobile devices using Mobile IA. This ‘device containerisation product’ is the ideal solution for providing secure content to users without taking control of their devices. As well as ensuring a consistent and rewarding mobile experience, DTP’s mobile security solutions will also reduce your organisation’s exposure to regulatory breaches and fines.


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