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Managed Print Services

Adopting an IT approach to Managed Print Services (MPS) to achieve more valuable and lasting business gains

DTP is a provider of best-in-class IT solutions and services. So it’s not surprising that we adopt a more integrated and technically aware approach to Managed Print Solutions and Managed Print Service providers.

As an early innovator of Managed Print solutions, DTP knows what it takes to create a best-in-class solution that’s exactly right for you.

We’ll start with an audit of your existing device fleet, processes and usage, and then work with you to consolidate and design a ‘perfect fit’ Managed Print Service solution that delivers an improved user experience and real business process improvements. This could even include assets you already own, optimising any existing investment.

Keeping your printers and MFP’s as safe and secure as your network

Any network attached device is at risk of being targeted by malicious hackers. Unmanaged printers and MFP’s can also store sensitive documents which have been sent to them in their hard drives or memory. Research by Quocirca revealed that 90% of enterprises have already fallen victim to one or more print-related data breaches.

DTP can perform a comprehensive audit to determine exactly how secure your printers and MFP’s are and quantify the level of risk your enterprise, network and data is exposed to. We can then recommend and implement a bespoke security solution that protects and secures your organisation against damaging and disruptive attacks.

Delivering Managed Print Services and Managed Print Solutions that are ethical, transparent and fair

DTP works with IT infrastructures every day. That means we are able to look beyond print devices and traditional Managed Print Service and Managed Print Solution models to create intelligent document management and workflow solutions.

Every solution we deliver is wholly ethical, transparent and fair. We won’t ask you to agree to Minimum Contract Commitments, because we know that situations change, so we allow total flexibility and expect you to pay only for what you use. DTP will discuss the billing models which suit your individual circumstances and business processes giving you choice and control over your consumable costs.

Transparent Managed Print Services (TMPS)

Many Managed Print contracts apply a “cost per page” pricing model which is usually based on 5% average toner coverage. Research indicates that, in the majority of cases, the actual “average” is significantly lower than this, which means this model benefits the service provider NOT the Customer. TMPS is a mechanism which ensures DTP’s customers pay for the exact amount of toner they use on each page, rather than an over inflated estimate. Many companies have achieved huge savings by switching to DTP’s TMPS model.

Pull Printing

Pull Printing is at the core of any Managed Print solution from DTP because it puts you in the driving seat when it comes to security and cost savings. All documents are securely stored until they are released by their sender at an enabled device. Any print output that is not ‘pulled’ by its originator within a pre-determined time is automatically deleted from the print queue. This eliminates the piles of uncollected output seen on every non managed device by ensuring that only print jobs that are absolutely required are printed. Pull Printing saves DTP customers hundreds of uncollected printed pages every day.


Wide-format printing or large-format printing can be costly if not managed well. It’s often seen as a specialist area which sits beyond the rest of the printing estate.

DTP, as a HP Designjet Specialist and HP Technical Production Partner provides consultative support when designing print solutions for our customers as well supplying exclusive devices from HP’s DesignJet range available only to Technical Production Partners.

Whilst wide-format devices can stand alone, however bringing them onto the print network as part of a managed service will avoid duplicating print jobs to multiple devices and the creation of enormous paper and ink wastage.

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