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Nuance Document Imaging Solutions for GDPR Compliance

Gain better control of personal data with Nuance Document Capture and Workflow Management Solutions design for global requirements.

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With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union has taken aggressive steps to protect personal data.

Business documents represent a significant security risk when it comes to personal data. More than 60 percent of customer information is stored in business documents, which means they likely contain personal data protected by GDPR.

Nuance’s document capture and workflow applications ensure the secure handling of personal data throughout your organisation’s business processes, from network email to print management and workflow scanning.

Achieving Compliance

Together DTP and Nuance can help you automate the identification and encryption of personal data, creating a secure environment that meets the strict requirements of GDPR.

This executive paper shows how DTP and Nuance can help any organisation meet GDPR requirements for the secure capture, processing, management and storage of personal data.

Nuance Document Imaging Solutions for GDPR Compliance


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