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Is Zoom fatigue bringing back managed print?


During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of video collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams have been integral in our day to day working lives, but many are now experiencing digital overload or ‘zoom-fatigue’.

Zoom fatigue bringing back managed print
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In April, the number of people attending Zoom meetings and gatherings on any one day peaked at 300 million, in comparison to 10 million in December 2019. Similarly, Microsoft Teams now has more than 44 million daily users and has seen over 900 million meeting and calling minutes generated. Businesses have adapted to the new working norm by adopting these technologies and heavily relying on them to connect the remote workforce. But there are disadvantages to this new way of working…

For some, remote working allows for little to no break from the connection to technology. This intense technology-reliant working is causing ‘Zoom-fatigue’. So with an increased amount of time spent in front of a screen, users are looking for ways to take the low-tech route; writing out thoughts on paper, sketching initial drafts on a whiteboard or reading a print copy. Bringing our work back to the physical from digital.

The shift back to print

Some are rediscovering the benefits of the printed page; easier to reference, annotate and less strain on the eyes than a screen. This shift seems to be gathering momentum as we take some time to disconnect from the online world.

Quocirca research shows printing in the home is on the up, with three quarters (76 per cent) of UK workers printing in the home. The research also showed that three-quarters of home workers reported increased productivity compared with working in the office. Among those who reported higher productivity, 64% said they were printing more than they did in the office, suggesting that the printed page is being put to good use and contributing to increased productivity.

So, as we establish our new normal work set up, the printer may still have its place in our tool kit.

Can you make managed print work for remote users?

If your workforce still have a need to print, how do you manage this service remotely? In this new normal, your managed print service must also suit your new working style and set up. HP Print At Your Service ensures delivering print to remote users is not a costly and time-consuming exercise. HP PAYS delivers a HP printer or multifunction device, plus support and consumables for a set monthly fee and no upfront hardware cost.



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