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Creating Intelligent Buildings and Connected Spaces through Digital Transformation


Organisations are leveraging IoT and new smart technologies to make the working experience more appealing, motivating and productive as possible – creating an always connected workforce.

Last year, HPE Aruba found that seven out of ten enterprises had introduced IoT devices into the workplace and following this, 75 per cent of these organisations said it had increased profitability.

In the digital age, work patterns are changing; more time is spent out of the office or in conference areas, which combined with an increase in open plan and hot desking set-ups, is changing the needs of the office environment. These shifts are resulting in companies adopting smart technology in their digital transformation to utilise locations, resources and energy through smart connected things.

HPE Aruba Intelligent Buildings and Connected Spaces
Location based connectivity

Smart meeting rooms and work spaces are allowing users to see available spaces in real-time, with the ability to find, reserve and personalise workspaces and meeting rooms instantaneously using just their mobile device. This technology is also being utilised for hot desking, with employees able to book out a workspace by simply placing their phone on it. In addition, based on where people are in the building the lighting and temperature can also be automatically adjusted based on occupancy. IoT is transforming the workplace into smart, connected space that can dynamically respond to the day-to-day operations of the business, providing efficiency wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Visitor and contractor experiences have been simplified with a single guest WIFI registration process.
Once visitors join the guest WIFI access, they not only have access to the WIFI, but using smart technology, can also gain access to other office resources such as print and specified door access. Utilising these location-based services further, guests can benefit from the use of way finders which can directing them to points of interest such as canteens and toilets, or more importantly emergency exit routes.

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