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HPE extends InfoSight to HPE ProLiant, Apollo and Synergy servers


HPE InfoSight, an industry-leading cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) management tool, delivers predictive analytics and recommendation capabilities to HPE Servers.

After acquiring InfoSight as part of the Nimble acquisition, HPE announced that InfoSight would be extended across their product portfolio. Following a successful extension to HPE 3PAR, InfoSight has now been extended to ProLiant, Synergy, and Apollo servers.

InfoSight transforms how infrastructure is managed and supported, taking a much more comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis. Data is the key to InfoSight’s global learning. InfoSight collects and analyses data from millions of sensor measurements every second and continuously learns from the telemetry to develop an understanding of the ideal operating environment for every system, workload and application.

HPE InfoSight

HPE InfoSight can help you solve your most complex infrastructure problems by providing intelligent insights, optimisations, and curated recommendations.

The first release features the following InfoSight foundational capabilities:

Predictive analytics (to predict and prevent problems)
Data analytics for server security
Predictive data analytics for parts failure

Global learning
Wellness and performance dashboards
Global inventory of servers

Recommendation engine
Eliminate performance bottlenecks on servers

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