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HPE brings Artificial Intelligence to HPE 3PAR


HPE 3PAR customers can now benefit from HPE InfoSight predictive analytics support.

Problems predicted and prevented. Support transformed.

InfoSight, HPE’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, is transforming how infrastructure is managed and supported. Through cloud-based machine learning, HPE InfoSight predicts, prevents, and auto-resolves problems before they can affect your business.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ is already the industry’s No.1 midrange storage array and a leading all-flash array, and with InfoSight it can now deliver a self-improving infrastructure and self-service storage.

From availability to performance, and security to capacity, InfoSight continuously monitors hundreds of predictive signatures in every system across the installed base. HPE 3PAR customers can now benefit from InfoSight’s predictive insights as it inspects, learns and predicts issues; watching over your data centre 24/7 so you don’t have to.

See how Rent-a-Center leveraged HPE Infosight Predictive Analytics to exceed customer SLA’s

HPE InfoSight Artificial Intelligence
How HPE InfoSight Works
  • InfoSight continuously collects data from thousands of embedded sensors built into every system across the globe.
  • It then predicts and prevents problems, fixing them before they can disrupt applications, ensuring support is predictive rather than reactive.
  • InfoSight reports back to IT on how to improve performance, optimise resources, and plan for the future. Taking the guesswork out of managing infrastructure.
  • From analysing and correlating millions of sensors every second for almost a decade, InfoSight has a self-improving capability.

Learn more about HPE’s All-Flash Storage Solutions and InfoSight or get in touch to speak to one of our storage experts.

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