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Gain powerful insights into your print environment

Defend your network with the world’s most secure printing and discover HP JetAdvantage Insights – a powerful tool to analyse print and copy usage.

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Security is a growing concern for businesses.

Businesses naturally understand that printers are vulnerable endpoint devices on their networks, but perceive them as being at low risk of being hacked and of little value to the hackers. Today’s printers look a whole lot like PCs.

Key security insights for shared printing environments

• Unsecured printers can open the entire network to a cybersecurity attack
• Users can change device settings, access data, or send scanned documents anywhere
• Too many confidential print jobs get left uncollected
Security breaches or noncompliance can be costly, especially if customer data is compromised
• Mobile workers need to print wherever they are—without sacrificing security
• IT needs tools to manage security across the fleet more efficiently

Is your network at risk?

Even one unsecure printer can leave your entire network open to attack.

94% of financial firms say copier/printer security is important or very important

61% of organisations reported at least a single print-related data breach in the past year

43% of companies ignore printers in their endpoint security practices

HP devices can automatically detect and stop an attack

As a HP Platinum Partner, DTP can help you automate device, data and document protections with a broad portfolio of solutions. Get in touch with our print security experts to develop and deploy an end-to-end imaging and printing security strategy.

Customer challanges

JetAdvantage Insights - Customer Feedback

“Local printer data will help us consolidate our print fleet into a more manageable, cost-effective fleet.”

“The installation and configuration was relatively simple and non-intrusive.”

“Insights provides us valuable print analytics on what exactly is being printed by our users and the cost associated with it.”


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